Saturday, November 28, 2015

Writing on the wall...

Did you ever tried to imagine how these amateur paintings are done in railway toilets .. in a shaky train compartment while exposed to the stinking odor of uncleaned toilet those 'artists' are expressing themselves using a mere ballpoint pen and that also with amazing clarity .. it requires some level of skill and  patience.. Its a wonder what makes these folks stick to their job with dedication against all odds ..

Human race lived in caves for a major portion of their quarter million years of life on earth. Cave paintings and cave writings were obviously their global past time and these toilet paintings might have a possible connection with this history. While the cave men tried to express what they see around, like trees and animals, our new age cave men focused on the thing they never really had a chance to know much about - the opposite sex,  and they did it in a language far more rotten than the nasty smell around them. This 'art' seems to have spun out from a combination of evolutionary urge of wall painting with the suppressed sexual frustration of a typical desi male. 

But on a closer look I noticed a strange pattern. Most of these paintings were pretty old and newly painted walls were hardly touched. It was strange, since these kind of social disorders never vanish all of a sudden. What happened in last few years which made the difference!

Then suddenly it unraveled before me .. it was quite  obvious if you look around - the smartphones and internet in every hands and the similar disgusting odor coming out from many comment boxes. Nothing really changed, the assholes simply chose another wall ...

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