Sunday, August 9, 2015

Feeling the fall ..

When was the last time you felt a waterfall ?

No, I am not talking about being there or even about seeing one. I am talking about feeling it

Standing in front of the fall, absorbed in the marvelous exhibition forged by the marriage of water and gravity, I asked myself the same question and sadly the answer was 'never'. I recalled that in almost every other visits all I cared was about capturing the fall in a perfect frame or trying to make it a mere background behind my lovely portrait .. I was simply following the herd, not able to visualize the kind of life the 'fall' is bringing to otherwise still and calm 'water'. Can any camera possibly capture that life with all its emotions?

However this time around I stood there, with mobile kept inside my pocket and eyes hooked on the fall. After a while it started to grow beyond just water, rock and fall. I could imagine a mind heavy with feelings, finally bursting out, thumping down one after the other to the hard rock of reality, expressing its fury in a wide canvas and then spreading its energy all around through those tiny droplets filling the air .  After the show it was slowly attaining a state of nirvana, resuming its journey steadily forward vaguely resembling the relief of an artist after completing a masterpiece or that lazy, relaxed nap of a couple after one real wild round in bed ...

I stand there feeling it for minutes, could have stayed for hours if not for the others waiting for me. On my way back I saw people rushing in to fill the space we left, holding tightly to their cameras, mobiles and tabs. I could only wish that in between their frantic attempt to preserve those moments they could at least take some time to live a few of it as well ..

So, when was the last time you felt a waterfall ??