Saturday, August 14, 2010

Flick of an eyelid

He was feeling the cold mud … it was slowly creeping through his legs …or was he going down ?
"Loneliness is such pain, isn't it? … it creates such a painful heat in the heart that sometimes you prefer to treat it with something as cold as death ...”
"Who are you ... I cannot see your face in this darkness"
"How does it matter... anyway you only choose this dark night and the comfort of this quick sand. Well I can understand the limitations of an old man when it comes to choices for a suicide ..."
"It’s not a suicide... I call it a journey to meet someone very close… and how do you know all these... Who are you??”
"Let that question remain there ... you have less time left ... good bye and see you soon"
He felt the mud rising slowly through his chest ... he could feel the cold smell of death. Someone said ‘people will see their whole life as a flash back just before their death.’ But for him it was too late ... the mud started rushing through his nostrils ... he started searching for a ground below. But the dry sand slowly swallowed him more deeply... he struggled to keep his head higher and tried to shout ..

"Hei wake up ... another dream???”
Kalpana was holding his shoulders; rubbing her sleepy eyes ... It took a little while for him to come back to normalcy.
"Yeaah, don't know why ... it was so real ... I was a very old man and there is this quick sand and ...
"Come on ... it’s just a dream"
"But it’s so real honey ... so real ..."
"You should first stop watching all those crazy old movies online... "
"Well honey ... if that was about the movie I watched last week, dear it was Inception, one of the best movies at that time ... and you know what, I watched it first day, second show and ..."
"... it was a Friday 16th of July 2010."
"Sh**, God oh God these girls ... what all they remember"
"Hmmm ... but you might remember 17th July ... don't you ...
"Why not ... our ... no no it was not in that month ... our house warmingggg .. or was it .."
"Enough ....don't struggle ... it was the day when a stupid boy from my class,who didn't even talked to me for three years, came and proposed me and finally end up making my name in passport look even worse by adding his name as my surname ..."
"Goshhhh ... how could I miss that ... that 'special' special class, getting that chalk missile attack from Thomas sir, standing on my knees and looking at that beautiful eyes and seeing that beautiful little smile from my three year long untold love ... I still don't know what gave me the courage to come and propose you just after that class...may be that smile ... and what a change it made ..." he said, holding her closer to him.
"Life is sometimes like that dear, your world can change in the flick of an eye lid..." she slowly whispered to his ears.

"Good bye honey ..." seeing her happy smiling face through the half opened door, he walked hurriedly towards the elevator. He was already late for office.
He was the only one in the elevator and he felt strange. In this peak time an empty elevator is a rare thing.
He pressed Level 0. The numbers 11, 10 , 9 started showing one by one. Suddenly the elevator stopped. Even the floor number display disappeared. He started to search for the elevator phone in that darkness. Suddenly his cell phone rang.
"Hello are you". The sound felt familiar to him.
"I am OK .. I did not get you?"
"Forgot so fast?... we talked yesterday also ....I was watching you going down the quick sand"
He started to sweat,
"Who .. who are you ..?
"I am just an observer ... watching you and all the time and when it’s time to say good bye I just stop by here ..."
He disconnected the call in a hurry. He was gasping and sweat was pouring out.
The cell phone rang again. This time he took the phone and bang it on the floor. Every trace of blood was evaporated from his face ... Suddenly the elevator phone started to ring. With trembling hands he slowly took the phone. It was the same dreaded voice.
"Banging your phone will not make a difference son.... "
"What .. what do you want now ??? Was that just a dream or ...."
"Well .. What do you think?”
"I... I don't know ...and what now ..?"
"As I told I am here to say goodbye have seen enough now … its time for you to go back ..."
"Go back where ..."
"Where you belong ..."
"But this is where I belong, this is my life ... this is all I ever wanted ..."
"I know... and that’s why you are here and believe me that’s exactly why you need to go back son ..."
" But I ..."
"Sorry son ... no more questions ... its time ... Good bye ..."
"Wait ...”
The phone got disconnected and suddenly the lift started to go down in full speed.... it was almost like a free fall... he tried to scream, but his voice was not coming out ... The elevator took a sudden shake and before he could think much, he was thrown up and his head banged to the ceiling ...

“Wake up you #$#% … yes you in the second last bench”
Thomas sir shouted in anger.... He opened his eyes. He saw a piece of chalk in the desk...
"You come here in front of the class and stand on your knees"
As the whole class was laughing he slowly walked to the front of the classroom and stood on his knees.
He looked up watching the smiling face of Kalpana who was sitting on the first bench. As the pain was coming up from the prick he gave to his own hand he kept looking at those beautiful eyes and slowly gave a smile back.....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Half Time Fundas

Some says it’s the best time in anyone's life. The times when anticipation and excitement can overcome the normality of life, making you feel it’s greener than ever before. It’s like the moment before the first ball is balled in a test match, the moments you spent inside an examination hall waiting to get the question paper, the moments during those interval time of a suspense movie where the images of first half is still fresh in your mind and you are anxiously waiting for the all important second half… Yeah! I am talking about those beautiful moments towards the end of your much celebrated bachelorhood.

Many considers marriage as single most important occasion in life...’Un Comparable!!!!’ , they say. Well really??? I posed this question to one who is more matured, more informative and smarter than I myself is, my genius little Mind. As always he started to give his own fundas... yaaawn!!!

"Well look dude, many people have many definitions about marriage, for someone it’s about getting a soul mate to share all your little happiness and some bigger tragedies together, for some it’s all about adding more responsibilities to your already irresponsible pitiful life. Someone, if you ask about marriage, will say 'it’s how it always was and how it should be' and for someone it’s just a license to some free sex. And there are some morons who consider it as the first and foremost point in their list of 'How to get rich without getting sweat???' ...""Heiiii hold on!!" I interrupted. "I'm honestly not concerned about what the hell all these guys think. I am not yet a social thinker or a survey agent. Tell me what you feel!!! ".

Keeping his eyes on the infinite sky he resumed after a brief pause "My idea about this whole thing is a little different!!!”"I know it will be ... just pour out the %#%$ gyaaan out of your mouth!!""Ok here it comes. Let’s assume the average life expectancy of an average man is close to Sixty years which on bisecting will give you Thirty years. Now considering marriages of most males happening around 30 -, may be a couple of years more or less, we can safely assume that Marriage is the point that will divide your life in to two halves, right? ""Agreed ... please continue""If you go to the people who had chance to see both halves and ask them which half was better for them, I can bet that more than 90% will say the first half. Those beautiful and innocent child hood days, the sweet memory of your first love, those crazy things you did when you were young and energetic. Second half is usually a more serious, responsible and routine stuff.""So what are you coming to ....?” I again interrupted.

"For me marriage is a challenge... When you lie on your death bed with all the grey hair and lean tired old body, just moments before your journey to next world, a question will arise inside you 'Hei which half was better ?' ... Marriage for me is a challenge to make you confidently say that 'Dude ,first half was great, it was fun and memorable.. But second... it was even better!!!”"Wow ... that was not all that bad ... compared to some really crappy and boring fundaas you gave before. But is it really possible?""Well I sometimes think Marriage and communism has similarities""What the hell!!!”"Let me explain, Communism promises you of a new world, a world without injustice. But once you reach that ideal new world, communism will no more be required and people will start to ditch it. This will result in the dark capital forces coming strongly again. So the aim of communism is not to reach its ultimate destination, but the aim is to move in a path which will get you to that destination. In other words, it’s a classic case of journey itself becoming the destination!!!!... And should I need to explain about marriage in this context OR you are already confused? ""Well that’s enough for me to digest now.... let’s put a break!!!.. But finally a million dollar question.. you give all these gyaan, but are you actually prepared for this 'big' challenge in all ways !!!!"He gave me back that trade mark smile and told calmly.

"Dude... I have told you many times before... and let me repeat it again …. as far as challenges goes, I am always BORN READY !!!! ...."