Saturday, August 13, 2011

Solving a puzzle in 10 slow minutes ...

Every time you walk out of our workplace and on your way towards home, what do you think? You could be walking, driving, being driven or may be even flying, but what is there in your mind. Well, I don't know abt ur case, but in my slow 10 min walk back home, I used to think about some random stuff and hardly notice things around me. But one day on my way back I, for some strange reason, I thought of watching things around. I was a little surprised to see the pace in which things are moving outside. People are hurrying all along their way, their walking seemed more like a mini jogging. The vehicles are honking hard and going like a mad bull. Looked as if everyone around lost their lungs and are trying to search and find it before they are out of breath.
I slowly started to think why all these people are moving this fast. Why can't they take it easy and slowdown? May be, like most of the folks around, they also have the wrong conception that by moving fast they can accomplish more things/jobs/responsibilities in their lives. Well that seems reasonable in a normal orthodox perspective. But if you are ready to go beyond reason and break the things to discreet parts and analyze each scientifically, you will realize that it’s a grave mistake. In fact it’s a myth and a misleading direction board in the high way of life. If you were also thinking in the same old ways and is confused, if u wants to solve the puzzle and get urself enlightened, you can continue with the below part where the puzzle will slowly unveil.
Let’s take the situation and break it in to pieces. "If I move fast, I finish more things in life". I'm splitting up this statement and making an equation out of it.

"I move fast" => "I finish more things in life" --à(1)

Now let me process the LHS part first, which says “I” (ie you) is moving forward and is moving fast.

"I” => Moves forward, moves fast --à (2)

I prefer to use one of my favorite theories for this calculation – Relativity theory by Mr Einstien. Relativity theory needs at least two objects for comparison and both objects should be measurable in a same frame of reference. For the second object, I am choosing something that moves in the same direction as the first one and in fact moves pretty fast nowadays. I am choosing “Life” as second object

“Life” => Moves forward, moves fast --à (3)

Here you can see that objects in (2) and (3) are moving in same direction and moves with high speed. Their exact speed limit can vary slightly. To be precise "Life" is a selfless process moving in a constant high speed and seeing the way people hurries through their lives nowadays one feels they are a little ahead of life.

Now as per relativity theory if two objects moves in same direction with a very close speed difference and if you are looking from the perspective of relatively lesser speeding object then the higher speeding object turns out to be moving with far lesser speed. (You can relate this with you sitting in a moving train and another train slowly overtaking you from the adjacent track.)

Hence we can see that the statement “I move fast” if processed in scientific and detailed level will contradict itself and reverses its very meaning.

Coming back to Equation (1), we can see that the LHS part is reversed. Now let me take another simple equality theory,
"If X=Y and X and Y are true, then if X reverses and becomes false then Y also should reverse and become false"
Applying this common sense theory to Equation (1), the final conclusion is that the RHS part also needs to be reversed, and the final verdict is some thing like,

“I will accomplish less things in Life”

Hence the proof !!!
By this time my 10 mins was almost over and I reached my doorstep as well. My better half, waiting for me with a hot cup of tea, asked,
"You walked 10 mins and you are looking tired as though you walked some 10 kms".
I first took the cup of tea and then replied with my typical trade mark smile,
"Honey, may be its just 10 mins but in those 10 mins I did more than walking 10 kms”
“Now what’s that” she asked eagerly
I paused for a moment, took a sip of tea and answered quietly,
“I solved a puzzle”