Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Most beautiful moments of life ...

When some one asked you what was the most beautiful moment in you life , what will you say ? There will be a lot of moments in you life which you will cherish to live again.... Here I am putting three different moments where I felt I have realized the most beautiful moment of my life.... Even though there are much more breath taking moments I felt these three are special.....

Moment one
Every evening I wait for her near the college bus. Every day she comes along with her friends. That day too she came and I was looking at her without taking my eyes off, as that day I felt she looked more beautiful than ever. And just like every other day ignoring me completely she walked her way in to the bus. As usual she was busy talking to her friends. But I couldn't just take my eyes from her even though I knew that I might never get even an acknowledgement to all these love I am pouring on her.
The bus slowly began to start as my eyes keep on following her all along. When it was just about to leave my sight some thing unusual happened. She looked back at me and gave that most beautiful smile I had ever seen in my life. That was not just a smile; it told me a million things. It was not just an acknowledgement but a whole reply to all the love I was giving her. At that moment I felt "to love and to get it back" is the most beautiful moment in life.

Moment two

Days were moving just like the needles in a clock. At the same directions and almost at the same speed every day. Moving restlessly as though it had to reach some where but at the end it ends up at where it was all started. That day also fighting with all those lifeless computer programs and the deadlines I was back at home. Due to some server break down I was free to go a bit early that day. Even though it was already night I was early at home as no one else among my roomies had returned from work. After taking a shower and a light dinner I went to the terrace and sit there looking at the starlet sky which was filled with clouds at some places. It was calm all around and no noises of keyboards or conference calls. The whole nature was calm and quiet and I sit there for a while enjoying the sweet music of silence. At that moment I felt that "this silence and this peace" is the most beautiful thing you can have in your life.

Moment three

It was another dark night and I was walking my way home from a busy day at office. My thoughts were still very much on what I will have for dinner that day. I was really hungry and was in no mood to have the "2 minute noodles". The bread with Omlet no longer keeps me happy, as it was also becoming a routine food. There is enough raw materials for a good dinner at home. But it is not my fault that I don't know the art of cooking. And besides I was never interested in putting any effort on cooking more than making noodles or Omlet. I cursed my friend who used to cook food at room. He had some stupid support work today and will return home late. "Oh god why are you doing this to me and I have to live with that Noodles and Omlet today too ....". I asked god.
Some people believe that God will listen to what ever we say to him. But not much people believe in God replying to us. But that day he did.The next moment after my question to God I saw a man completely dusty and just wearing a torn towel searching some thing in the waste bin near the road. I always had my nose covered tightly when ever I walked near that waste bin. After some search he got some thing in his hands which seemed to be some thrown away food remains. He started to eat that food with much delight. Walking my way back, I started to feel Noodles and Omlet much more delicious. At that moment I realized that there is nothing like a beautiful moment in life. But then I knew that at every breath I am taking, I am having the moments which are nothing short of greatness....

Disclaimer : The stuff written above are not related to any persons dead or alive nor to any incidents that ever really happened. This is written just for the sake of a good read (as I call it) and purely came out of my imaginations.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Smile, because tomorrow can be worse - A pessimistic version

Pessimism is a word that people over the years always rated as a negative phrase, some thing that always blows out the light of joy in our lives. People are always discouraged to be pessimists by the so called wise men. And in the other side I can see the people showering all praises on optimism as if it is the only positive force that drives the mankind to prosperity.
But when I sit down putting my thinking cap on, I feel some thing is wrong. Pessimism is not all that bad as it is being made by people. Because at the end of each pessimistic thought you can find a positive light. You might be wondering what the bullshit is this all about??? But some times truth is different from what you see or at least hear.

"Smile, because tomorrow can be worse”. This phrase is considered as an ideal instance of Pessimistic thought. Just think ... when you say tomorrow is going to be the worse or say tomorrow will be some way a bad day than today is, you are indirectly implying that today is better than tomorrow and that means you have to be happy for the moment and infact should enjoy the happiness because tomorrow is any way bad. And if you listen to all those wise verses, they always say " Past is gone, future is unknown so enjoy today”. Is it the same idea conveyed by that simple pessimistic thought???

On the other hand if you are a pure optimist who believes that tomorrow is going to be great or in other words lot better than today then you are taking away the surprise factor because even if tomorrow becomes better you already knew that . Also there is a real possibility of you waiting to enjoy the moment of tomorrow because you know (or believe) it will be better than today and that means you are starting to live on tomorrow.

Being a pessimist you are giving a chance to your self to be ready to face all the blocks that comes your way tomorrow. You are always ready to combat it, you are ready to fight it. While an optimist always lives in his dreams believing that every thing will become good one day.

Let me take an instance. Just imagine a ship like Titanic hitting an ice berg. A pessimist believes that he will die and for that reason he will give a try for escape. And what about an optimist... even most part of the ship is already under water he will still feel that some super man will come and rescue him or to be more precise he is hiding away from his responsibility to escape.

I am not saying here that we should all become pessimists from this moment onwards. I know it is not that easy to accept changes even if you know that it is the better choice. But there is nothing wrong in being a bit balanced, to open your eyes and see things with your own eyes. It is true that we can see better in day than at nights, but remember ….. day will never be called a day if there is no night at all.....

Monday, October 15, 2007

Getting started

Nothing is disturbing my mind now .....

Even though I don't feel its calm. Some one said "just when U want some thing , some thing won't be there". Feels the same now. I thought of blogging because I had an immense push of thoghts and ideas that were trying to get out. It seems to be hiding some where now. No problem we can get back to it later ....

Some times U need peace and some times U wish there were distubances .... as always the leaf is greener on the other side ...
Just like the world , just like the life ...

... will continue