Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Clouds beyond silver lining !

"Every cloud has a silver lining" .. the words that assures us about the good times coming after the bad ones. But when it comes to one's own hair the sight of first silver lining might not always be the sign of good times. Some gets depressed, some runs for a dye and some others take the extreme route - mercilessly  shaving off the mustache, beard and even hair in a futile effort to convince themselves that 'all is well'

Somehow I feel different, I was rather thrilled at seeing the first clean grey hair, right at the middle of my mustache. Grey hair in most cases implies you lived at least half of your normal life span. If you look around, or may be look at the newspaper and you see a world filled with war, poverty and disease where too many people are finding it hard to meet this half way milestone. In that kind of a world, a grey hair should be considered a privilege instead of curse. Rather than a reason to worry, it should be reckoned as a trophy of survival and a reason to celebrate. 

Sometimes it's also about choices and perspectives. Many of us are afraid of getting older because we believe age takes away the energy and color of life. That it's a transition from an enthusiastic youth who likes to travel and party, to that inactive old guy who prefers not to move from his arm chair. But what if you already belong to that special group of humans whose idea of a perfect weekend is to sit lazily all day in the balcony with a few books on one side a cup of coffee on the other. That guy won't be as worried about the grey hair as many others, will he ? .. or may be for him it really is a silver lining beyond the clouds, who knows !!