Sunday, November 1, 2015

'Uber' wale ki maya

There are moments in life that makes you question the very ideology you were holding with utmost conviction all your life. I was never really impressed with Gita and neither with its twisted and ridiculous 'interpretations'. But while waiting for a ride in the remote outskirts of Kochi on a dark and rainy night, the chapter 4 & verse 7 of Gita revealed before me with all its glory !

After the 10th auto driver also failed to perform his dharma and remorselessly denied two helpless & tired people a ride, (s)he incarnated before us just after a single click.. Often in human history god was given different names based on when and where they are needed .. I guess right now in Kochi it goes by the name 'Uber'!!

On the flip side, the kind of divine services we are getting now might well be a temporary 'maya' .. but then who gives a damn !

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