Saturday, November 7, 2015

The origin of 'Busmukhasana' or How to become a yoga guru in 45 minutes!!

At 8 pm in the night at Thrissur bus stand while boarding the last bus to Vadakkencherry little did I knew about the historical events that were going to unfold. Since we got into the bus 30 minutes before its departure I managed to get the last available 'seat' in the bus which was right on top of its dashboard literally kissing the front glass.

But the real fun began when the bus started to move. Five minutes into the journey I was forced to bent the upper part of my body to a 45 degree vertical angle since I was obstructing the driver's view of rear view mirror. But since that angle naturally makes me face to face with the driver in an awkward position I have to bent my neck at least a 30 degree horizontally. I was doing all this circus by keeping both my legs in the air since the floor is already filled with the feet of other people sitting in the side seat and on top of gear box. But the best part is yet to come .. Since there was no scope to get a solid grip and nearest wall is the front glass of the bus which is not an ideal place to lean up on, I had to keep this posture in between my dire effort to balance my body. Things got even more exciting as bus started jumping through all those pot holes for the long and grinding 45 minutes !!!..

I don't know if similar posture is already present in 'modern' yoga .. but if you know how Mr Iyengar and his beloved guru Mr Krishnamacharya 'manufactured' and even imported more than 200 asanas on top of the 32 original ones, I guess I have every right to name my asana as 'Busmukhasana' and include it as a new one in the list ...

Now back to the all important question... benefits??.. first one is surely the feeling I got just after completing this asana, didn't felt such a 'nirvana' (or in other words relief) for a long time.. I also felt my tummy touching half way mark towards six pack, at least it is quite evident in the left side to which I bent. On top of that there seems to be a sudden rush of creativity and memory power ... what else explains such a long and honest disclosure and that also at 1 am in the night

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