Saturday, July 4, 2015

Overcoming stupidness - A self help strategy

Every one does stupid things once in a while and I am not an exception. But do you know what's the worst part of doing something stupid? Its the feeling which immediately follows, the silent but strong realization that you are stupid enough to do something really stupid. Its a hit on your pride and its a feeling that slowly eats up your morale and eventually brings you down. To overcome its repercussion you need a way, an escape plan to get yourself out from that thought process. Let me tell you how I get this done

ow do you make a line smaller without even touching it?". My strategy lies in the solution of this puzzle. I simply draw a bigger line right next to it. In other words you can feel yourself less stupid, by looking at some one stupider than you. However its easier said than done. It might sound simple enough but the fact is - 'its impossible to find some one completely stupid'. So instead of finding stupid people I started looking for 'stupidness'. I needed some thing categorically stupid, relatively common and at the same time something that passed the test of time - of course I was not interested in spot-stupidness. 

But let me tell you, it was a challenge to find cases that met all criteria. Since humans are constantly evolving species its tough to find people who remains genuinely stupid on one aspect for a long time. But then I found this one set of people who fits the bill perfectly. They spent their time, money, effort and literally bet their ass on a fictitious ideology which any one with a fraction of common sense will throw in dust bin. Their stupidness is so stable that nothing in earth and definitely nothing above the sky could unsettle it. And talking about their availability around us, they are so easy to find that if a bird can poop while flying then 8 out of 10 times it will be shitting on them

You might want to know more about these folks and probably use them too. But for obvious reasons I cannot name them. May be I can help you with some pointers. Here goes some of their golden rules, hope you can figure them out using it ..

1) Your whole life is a pre-written drama which is determined purely based on the time at which you were taken out of your mother's womb. However this 'exact' time is decided presumably by the doctor based on various factors from your and your mother's health to the availability of labor room

2) This drama is scripted using a cryptic language which can only be interpreted using the view of celestial bodies(millions of kms away) from the exact location in earth where you happen to be born at that exact time when your head made its way out

3) Normally you cannot change the script. However you have the option to manipulate once you manage to decrypt it. To elaborate it further, imagine life as an online exam with a series of multiple choice questions. It gives you choices ranging from who should be your life partner to which direction your toilet closet should point to. In a normal scenario you trust your logic and instinct and select a choice which makes sense (which however will end up to be exactly same as what was already written in script) and you either get lucky or get screwed up. But then, there is an alternate way of doing it. You can also do cheating by looking at source code of the web page(or full script here), understand which should be the correct option and then choose it to guarantee success

Feel free to use my strategy whenever needed, unless of course ... you know what I mean, don't you?  :)

Tailpiece : I talked about the drama and an obvious question could be about who scripted it. Well I rather not dig in to it now. Its opens up a bigger can of worms and way more absurd ideologies which could be hard to digest in one go

NOTE : Edited on 9th Aug 2015

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